Your prescription for healing is

not always in a pill. While those are helpful and often lifesaving, they cannot do everything and sometimes they just don’t help at all. Modern healthcare remembers that our body has several built-in systems to repair and restore itself, like when a cut heals on its own. There are many ways to support those systems to help the body heal itself, better.

Bodywork RX provides
a core group of medical massage techniques
that specifically assist some of your body’s natural healing systems.

After surgery, during cancer treatment, following a musculoskeletal injury, or when another systemic conditions, such as an autoimmune disorder, are slowing down your overall recovery process.

Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD)  stimulates the body’s lymphatic system to reduce swelling faster, to remove cellular waste more efficiently, and to boost the immune system for a more effective response. Myofascial release reduces old scar tissue, helps diminish new scar formation, and breaks down tight fascial connective tissue that restricts muscle, tendon, and skin movement. General full body massage therapy decreases muscle spasms, improves nutrient rich blood flow and reduces stress.

We simply want to help you feel better.

There are times when a disease is not recoverable, when the damage from an injury is irreparable, or when the body is in its natural state of decline during the sunset period of life. These gentle techniques are equally as valuable then, to help your body adjust to it’s new normal or adapt during each stage of an advancing condition with more comfort.

The body does respond when you give it what it needs, yet the discovery process can be frustrating, especially when you don’t feel very well. We are here to work with you, your Doctor(s), and your other providers as best we can, within our capacity, to reduce that frustration.

We understand.