Scar Tissue

Scar tissue Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Scar Tissue is not always just what you see on the surface, it includes the layers beneath and form fibers that reach like tree roots attaching. This can cause dimpling or ridges in the skin and can pull on other structures that should normally glide smoothly over each other. Scar tissue can feel tight when you move and it can even adhere to nerves to cause discomfort.

Myofascial restrictions

Fascia is a type of white connective tissue that is strong and flexible. It serves as the pliable foundation for all the soft tissues in our body. Fascia layers separate muscles and forms slings to support organs. It also creates various compartments for blood vessels and nerves to pass through. It can vary greatly in size from a thin invisible netting under the superficial skin to large broad bands, and thick base layers against the bones.

Fascia can tear during injury and become inelastic with chronic inflammation. It can develop sticky adhesions or restrictions that either binds things too tightly or causes them to become too rigid. These cause pain and other strange sensations that don’t respond to usual massage or stretching.

BodyWorkRX can help with the following treatments:

  • Physiotouch machine uses gentle suction, or manual cupping
  • Myofascial release to pull the fascia in certain planes
  • Kinesiotape applied in specific directions to work with your movement
  • CollagentTEX Polychromatic Near Infrared to heal wounds, build collagen, reduce scar tissue and discoloration